Miracle Sealants

Proper Countertop Care depends on the stone you have.
Capital Granite recommends Miracle Sealants for Natural Stone

511 Kleen & Reseal

If your countertop is Granite, Marble or Quartzite it was sealed during the fabrication process.

To Maintain the Seal we recommend monthly use of the 511 Kleen & Reseal. It is a simple one step spray and can easily be incorporated into your cleaning routine.   

32oz Spray · 511 Kleen & Reseal

Counter Kleen

Specifically formulated to be mild enough for daily use on your Granite, Marble, or Engineered Quartz Countertops.

No rinsing, no streaking, no residue. Just spray and wipe to remove dirt, dust and light stains. Safe for Food Areas.

32oz Spray · Counter Kleen

511 Seal & Enhance

Natural stone Countertops (excluding soapstone) are sealed at the time of fabrication; prior to installation. If a splash of water no longer beads up on the surface, it is time to reseal.

511 Seal & Enhance is a unique, solvent-base formula designed to reseal and protect Natural Stone while enhancing the stones natural beauty and shine.

8oz Spray · 511 Seal & Enhance

511 Seal & Enhance

To place an order for Miracle Sealants
511 Kleen & Reseal, Counter Kleen or 511 Seal & Enhance
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