What materials does Capital Granite sell?
Where should I begin? How do I get pricing?

All of these are commonly asked questions.
Deciding to add Natural Stone to your home is a large investment- take the time to do your research and educate yourself before making a decision. Have confidence knowing our friendly sales staff is here to guide and assist you every step of the way!

Get a Quote

Download and complete the Sketch Sheet, indicating sizes, range style (free-standing, slide-in or cooktop), cutouts, and backsplashes. 
Email this information to: info@capitalgranite.com. Include any colors that might have caught your eye.

Visit a Showroom

With conveniently located slab showrooms, you can stop in and browse our selection on your own or set an appointment that fits your schedule to get individualized attention with a sales representative. For your convenience we are open Saturdays!*

For a successful visit:

  • Bring along a simple sketch of your kitchen, a cabinet stain sample, flooring, tile, or paint samples – anything that will help you look at colors
  • Wear comfortable shoes – we are indoors but it is a lot of walking
  • Plan on at least an hour to see the materials
  • Bring along a friend or spouse for their opinion!

At our showrooms you will see a wide variety of Granites, Marbles, Quartzites, Soapstone, Limestone, Onyx and Travertines in full slabs.

You will see kitchen vignettes with different colored cabinetry and several granite colors on display, examples of over 30 different edge details and the seven distinct surface texture finish options available.

We are proud to offer Engineered Quartz by the leading Manufacturers in our sample towers. Including Caesarstone, Corian Quartz, Difiniti, Diresco, Hanstone, Nustone, Silestone, Viaterra, Vicostone, Wilsonart and our very own signature line of CQ Capital Quartz.

Samples & Selections

After you view materials at our showroom, inquire about checking out a few samples to take home with you to assist in your selections.
In addition to material selections you will also have the opportunity to select from a variety of seven distinct surface finishes, over 30 edge details, as well as sink and faucets from the leading manufacturers.


Each Stone Supplier / Countertop Fabricator you work with will set their own pricing levels based on several variables.  Here at Capital Granite our inventory is divided into 16 Levels. Our pricing levels start at a Classic and Level 16 is the highest price point.

Capital Granite offers Quarry Direct Pricing, which means we hand select only premium grade materials directly from the quarries throughout the world!  This will eliminate the middle-man markup. Also keep in mind selecting from our inventory— you will purchase only the stock necessary for the project. Don’t pay for three slabs of material when only 2-1/2 slabs are needed!

Keep in mind for your smaller projects, Capital Granite offers a HUGE selection of remnant pieces this can amount to a large savings for your project.

When we put together a quote for your project, it will include the Material Costs, the Field Measure, Fabrication and Installation. There will be no surprises!

Field Measure

Once you have signed a proposal and made a 50% down payment, we will schedule a time for our field measure specialist to come out and template the project. Using a specialized digitizing system we will create a complete template of your project. First our Field Measure Technician will lay out 1” Dot Tape on the face of the cabinet as well as reference panels. Next using a digital camera, they will snap photos to create a rough DXF file. This entire process takes typically 40 minutes. At this time you will finalize, sink, edge and surface details.

Production Phase

Once all the details have been finalized and programmed, your material will enter the production phase and be cut by the bridge saws first based on the sizes dictated at the field measure. From there, the edge details and sink cut outs will be made from the CNC Saws.

The pieces will then go up front to the hand polishers and they will use a series of hand tools, pads and compounds to make sure that those raw cutout areas are smooth and match.

Finally, the pieces of the project will be sealed and loaded carefully into the install trucks for installation!


We will work with you or your contractor to schedule a time for our install crew to come and install your project.  First the install crew will come in and determine the best access to the house, using the proper tools and carts.

Next the pieces will be brought it in and set. Once the countertops are all in place, they will be shimmed to a perfect fit.

Finally using special suction cups the seams will be adhered using a mixed 3 part epoxy which is colorized to match the stone, applied generously and allowed to dry then the excess epoxy will be removed.

While Capital Granite Installers will not disconnect/connect any plumbing fixtures, the sinks will be professionally attached with clips and tightened from underneath. If any additional backsplash is needed, it will be measured at this time and the job site will be cleaned up as our crews depart.

Capital Granite is proud to be Minnesota’s Premier Full Service Granite Shop- from material selection to fabrication and installation, our goal is to make sure you are satisfied for years to come!